The last ten days appear to have shaken the world in general.  News junkies will have been aware of COVID-19 since the beginning of the year.  I made some long flights to and from in the US in late January, 我戴了口罩, 尽管美国只有几例确诊病例,拉丁美洲没有一例.  I was not the only one, perhaps 1 in 20 were doing it.  然而, 世界卫生组织3月11日宣布正式爆发流感大流行的同时,全球股市开始下跌. 就在一两天前,玻利维亚发现了两例阳性病例.  玻利维亚 announced the grounding of flights from Europe, with the last one arriving Friday the 13th in the morning.

I think that many around the world realized that “IT” had arrived.  玻利维亚过渡总统周一宣布了全面措施, 三月十六日.  With less than 10 confirmed cases nationally and no related deaths, 于是就有了18:00到05:00的宵禁.  工作日从08:00缩短至13:00,禁止城际和部门间陆路旅行, 城市间还有几趟航班. 从3月21日午夜开始,新mg游戏网站登录入口进入了为期40天的“全面封锁”,.

The last few nights (with a muted interlude for Father´s Day), 我住在玻利维亚亚马逊河流域的小镇比我住在这里的25年安静多了.  对许多人来说,恢复正常需要很长时间, and that normal may be very different from how things were two weeks ago.


但直到3月20日,以下的想法才真正击中我:食物将变得稀缺. It is going to be scarce in relative terms everywhere, and this scarcity will hit the most vulnerable soonest, 最长的, 和困难的. 新mg游戏网站登录入口不知道这种短缺会持续多久.  当人们认为食物稀缺时,价格就会上涨,最贫穷的人就会变得更加脆弱.

以玻利维亚为例, the more successful the country is at “lowering the infection curve,“新mg游戏网站登录入口的曲线几乎是目前为止最低的, 这个国家关闭边境的时间越长,切断新mg游戏网站登录入口的食品供应链. 由于亚马逊南部边缘地区相对广泛的大豆生产,该国在纸面上是一个粮食净出口国.  然而, 大多数人每天吃的食物越来越多地来自秘鲁, 智利, 巴西, 和阿根廷, 按照这个顺序.  简单地说, over the last 14 years it has become much cheaper to import foods, 甚至新mg游戏网站登录入口历史上的土豆, 而不是在乡下生产.  到目前为止,新mg游戏网站登录入口所有邻国的“Covid-19曲线”都比玻利维亚更陡峭.  At what point will 玻利维亚 feel it can open its borders?

If supply chains are disrupted, these hard-won improvements could quickly erode.

今天《新mg游戏网站登录入口》刊登了一篇文章,引用了一位英国食品政策专家的话,标题是“新mg游戏网站登录入口陷入了严重的麻烦:另一个危机——新mg游戏网站登录入口的食品供应”。[1]. 在蒂姆的相关和及时的引用中 [i]朗是 “新mg游戏网站登录入口(英国)有一个非常脆弱的及时供应市场供应链,很容易崩溃, 消耗殆尽的农业生产了大约50%的新mg游戏网站登录入口实际食用的食物, leaving us at the mercies of the international markets, and production methods which are damaging to the environment and human health.”

在这个视图中, 世界各地日益破碎的粮食生产和供应链系统将在Covid-19大流行的压力下真正崩溃. 新mg游戏网站登录入口是否重建旧的, 破碎系统, 或者建立一个新的, 未经测试的系统, 即使不是几年,也要几个月.  与此同时, 新mg游戏网站登录入口社会中最脆弱的人, many of whom were food insecure in the system that we had up to two weeks ago, 正在走向悬崖.  尽管在世界范围内, the percentage of people suffering from different forms and degrees of malnutrition has been dropping over the last three decades; these improvements are not locked in, 它们不能得到保证.  If supply chains are disrupted, these hard-won improvements could quickly erode.

My objectives are not to simply add to the doomsday talk.  相反,它们提醒人们注意一个尚未得到广泛重视的问题,同时也敦促人们采取可能的措施, 部分解决方案:种植一个花园.

By one estimate, 88% of the world’s population lives north of the equator.  这意味着对世界上大多数人来说,现在是你应该开始种植花园的时候, or helping other people to expand and tend to their gardens.  我认为这与适当的社交距离以及人们呼吸新鲜空气和锻炼的需要是一致的.  如果我错了, 那么至少在接下来的几个月里,你可以吃到一些有营养的食物.

在这坏消息不断的日子里, 社会距离, 检疫, 流感大流行, 可能还会严重破坏食物链, 新mg游戏网站登录入口需要的是每个能做到的人, 去打理你的花园.


[1] http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/mar/22/tim-lang-interview-professor-of-food-policy-city-university-supply-chain-crisis?CMP = share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR2mgFeQ1eWI1RMcl-sGn_0m9B2O1T6Zmb2HW1kjI27obgg7y0vY6k578U0

本文改编自李博士的博客. 丹·罗宾逊,2020年3月22日.  丹 是农业生态学家吗 住在Rurrenabaque农场的人, 玻利维亚, the 玻利维亚n gateway to the Amazon and to Madidi National Park.  自2005年以来,他一直在未来世代大学任教,目前教监测 & 评价与可持续社区.  关于他的完整博客,请访问 http://drobisonfarm.BLOGWebsite.com/2020/03/we-must-cultivate-our-garden_22.html


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